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Congratulations to TEam N Motion!!

Congratulations to Josephine P Flowers 3 years with Avon and New Promoter Alisha Dunn. Also, Happy Birthday to Vanessa Arteaga and Jennie Gilmore!

Labor Day: Holiday
Don’t Miss These Dates as we celebrate the Labor Day Holiday please make a note of these important dates for order and billing schedules, the Labor Day holiday affects the c-19 campaign schedule. Please review these adjusted schedules posted on your at sales leadership material and resources / campaign schedule, and take note of changes to order submission and shipment dates.
A Box- The Ultimate Team order builder
Introducing The A-Box, our curated box of 5 must have products, with a new-A-Box featured in each campaign.
The A-Box start in campaign 18 and available thru 4th quarter. Don’t miss out! Collect them all and enjoy Avon’s best beauty favorites handpicked just for you and your customers.
Introducing C 20 The Best of Beauty collection a box celebrates the best of the best in Avon makeup and skincare. You and your customers can try all five of these amazing products for just $10 with a $40 or more brochure purchase!
Great Value! Every A-Box has a value of at least 4 to 5 times it’s $10 price, which means you practically get back the $40.00 you spent!
Summer Promo: Free Shipping updates
Just to keep you in the Loop… mark your calendar for 3 Days of free shipping this Saturday, September 2nd through Monday, September 4th Avon offering free shipping on online orders of $25 or more with offer code Labor Day to close out the summer. Promote your online store to all your friends and customers you’ll boost your sales and they’ll have their favorite Avon products shipped to their door for free?

Be YOUR Best with the BEST

Renaissance Women, the word requires definition.
Now renaissance is alive in everyone’s consciousness.
It is being used to sell products, name business, describe weekend getaways, and making aging attractive.
Our world is experiencing a spiritual renaissance, inspiring in us the need to act consciously and individually to know the preciousness of life.
As caring human beings, we are searching for personal family, and societal values that work. This means being in the learning process forever: Life is change.
“If you are always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know how AMANIG you can be” …- Maya Angelou 

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